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Fugitive Dreams

Horror/Supernatural Thriller. Yet to be published--stay tuned.

An escaping convict is chased by a shadowy spectre into the woods, to confront a murderer with whom he shares a link.

Armed robber Tommy Roenick has yet to atone for his actions during a bank robbery that left a security guard injured and a bystander dead. Now, ten years into a life sentence and starting to lose his mind, he decides to break out. But he becomes psychically linked to an arsonist outside the penitentiary who plans to commit murder. A shadowy entity plays both men off each other for its own dark purpose, stalking Tommy in his cell and tormenting him with visions of the resulting deaths. And when Tommy finally escapes into the northern Ontario wilderness, it chases him toward the arsonist-turned-killer, whose actions frame Tommy as a murderer, and who gets bolder with every life he takes.

Trapped in a supernatural conspiracy, Tommy can redeem himself if he defeats the evil force that seeks his willing aid—or his death

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