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Fugitive Dreams

Horror/Supernatural Thriller. Yet to be published--stay tuned.

A fugitive is pursued into the wilderness by a shadowy entity, toward an encounter with a murderer with whom he shares a link. 

Armed robber and accidental murderer Tommy Roenick is as locked up inside himself as he is locked up in prison. Disassociated from his deeds and shielded by his anger, he has yet to fully acknowledge his crimes. Ten years into a life sentence and starting to lose his mind, he decides to break out. But when an arsonist on the other side of the fence plans to commit murder, Tommy becomes psychically implicated. He sees murders taking place in the outside world. He is stalked by a shadowy spectre in his cell. And when he springs free into the northern Ontario wilderness, he is chased by the spirit and tormented by increasingly powerful visions that frame him as a killer, as he approaches the real killer who gets bolder with every life he takes.

With his mind, body and soul under siege, Tommy must finally confront his own criminality to defeat forces that seek his agency—or his death.

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